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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  March 7, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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wild animal park where a lion attacked and killed a young woman. good evening. i'm ama dates in for dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. investigators are trying to figure out why the big cat attacked. the victim is 24-year-old diana hanson, a volunteer intern working at project survivals cat haven sanctuary about 45 miles east of freesy no. al -- east of fresno. alan wang has more. >> cat haven is a place for a lot of retired hollywood animals.
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they have 28 exotic cats on property including two lions. the largest is the one that killed the intern today. so far no one explained why diana hanson was in the enclosure with a 350-pound lion when it attacked and killed the volunteer intern. this is the lion. the founder of cat haven says they were unable to lower him away from the intern's body. >> the lion was shot and killed per our safety protocol. our thoughts and prayers went out to our friend and family in this trying time. >> reporter: he was a rare lion exstipg in the wild. -- extinct in the wild. they hand raised him as cub, but they removed him from the house because law prohibits physical contact with lions after three months of age. >> we have seven and eight-year-old tigers that we
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still feed and walk on a leash and have contact with. >> reporter: carl mitchell runs a similar sanctuary outside september september las vegas, nevada where they allow it. they say it makes it more dangerous for the handlers. >> they are like your baby you bottle feed. they have the contact and then to take it away it is like putting them into a psychological prison. >> cat haven is a respected sanctuary, but he is not sure of his policy. his interns are taking years to understand the animals. they would working in kenya and last october she posted on her facebook page she was headed to california to work at the cat haven. the last inspections show no violations dating back to march 2010.
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dale anderson says he is trying to find out if intern and, woulders followed the protocol. alan wang, live in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. diane hanson's father posted a statement on his facebook page. it reads "diana being diana her favorites were the tying expert lion who killed her today. please honor diana's memory by helping her favorite cause, preserving the remaining cats in the world. we love you and miss you so much. i know you will be happy for now. you are in they dashy ter national cat haven. thousands will give a last tribute to two officers. butch baker and elizabeth butler were shot during a sexual assault investigation. leslie brinkley is live at hp pavilion where tomorrow's
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memorial will be held. >> tomorrow at noon, thousands are going to fill hp paw vol yen and perhaps to capacity of 18,000 to honor two officers who died in the line of duty. these flag-draped caskets were made available for those who wanted to pay their final respects to sergeant bush baker and officer elizabeth butler. both were gunned down on february 2 sickth as they will toed -- february 26th as they followed leads in an abuse case. >> this is the first time here that our local officers are and it is a terrible thing. >> i am here to pay my respects. i think due t county, it is a good thing that people will come down and support the police officers. >> it is a big loss for our community and i am just -- everywhere i go i can just feel the sense of sadness. we need to get our community
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back. >> hundred brought flowers or signed the book of condolence in lieu of following the procession to san jose on thursday. local venues could not uh accommodate. all of the personnel paying tribute to the slain officers. governor jerry brown will attend as will harris and former defense secretary leon panetta. also santa cruz native and "american idol" singer james durbin will perform at the memorial. the city of santa cruz will effectively shutdown for the day on thursday. outside agencies will handle police and fire calls so the personnel can take part in the procession and in the memorial service here in san jose. reporting live, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. the final arrangements are in place for tomorrow's memorial service. >> if you live in santa cruz and don't have a way to get to
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san jose they are offering bus vouchers for the ride over the hill. if you need one go to and look under see it on tv. >> cal tran and amtrak are offering free train rides to law enforcement personnel. there is a stop across from the pavilion. >> they open at 10:00 in the morning and they will be showing the service live there as well the del mar theater that opens at 11:00. the parking will be free and there is a link to public transportation and other parking lots on our website. >> and we will carry the service live from hp pavilion here on abc7 starting with our midday news at 11:00 a.m. we will also be streaming it at a pet food company is doubling the reward for catching those responsible for poisoning a k-9 member of the police department. pet food express is matching the $10,000 reward offered by two police unions. the police dog was poisoned at the home of the officer with whom he partners.
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guns were stolen from that home and the officer's family dog died after it was poisoned as well. there are a few sprinkles and let's check in with sandhya patel with live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> all is quiet. the moisture you are referring to is well off the coastline. and you will see the green showing up on the screen away from the bay area. it is dry for now, but not for long. we do have a winter weather advisory for the hill usa buff 3,000 feet. 10:00 a.m. thursday to 10:00 a.m. friday, could see four to eight inches of show, and as far as the 24-hour rainfall totals verying quite a bit. .89 in santa rosa and san francisco is .19. you will notice san jose .09. and oakland a third of an inch and much less than that in livermore. we have showers coming, but find out what the latest computer models are indicating as far as who will need the umbrellas tomorrow. it is not everyone.
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i will be back with the details, ama. san jose police are trying to figure out why a man was stabbed to death. they show investigators looking for evidence at oak grove park this afternoon. that's where police found the body of a man in his late teens or 20s. he was stabbed several times. they are not positive when he died, but believe it happened today. the man charged with stealing a luxury yacht -- >> sorry. and running it aground and preparing his defense from the county jail. the two people arrested with him have been released. 63-year-old leslie alan gardener pled not guilty to grand theft and vandalism charges in court today. he is accused of stealing the 82-foot yacht and damaging it on the shoreline. investigators say the others taken off the boat, 56-year-old lisa modewell and dario mira did not know the yacht was stolen. >> they convinced us that they
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were unwitting. they understood him to have inherited the boat and we are treating them as witnesses at this point. >> prosecutors will hold him liable to the damages and it is estimated at half a million dollars as well as the cost of the coast guard recovery and rescue effort. >> there is a new highered gun in town. he is cleaning up the crime problemment how he will do it and what the community thinks about it. >> and the big announcement from facebook and why you will never look at your page quite the same way. >> and just what is it about this man's laugh that got him in so much trouble with the law? >> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> we have music from luke bryant and jim jeffreys is here and jessica simpson is pregnant again and she will accidentally tell us the sex of the baby she is having.
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anticipation oakland's new police consultant made an appearance in the city. the police chief suggested lowering crime rates there and in new york and planing to do the same in oakland. john alston is live at police headquarters with the story for us. john? >> reporter: he has been in town for three days. he has been meeting with officials including governor brown and mayor quan. he is the man for the job and so now oakland's problems are his problems. >> the former head of police departments in l.a. and new york promised residents they would see in fast results. >> this is a very winnable situation in oakland. i think there is a lot of opportunity here to make some early gains quickly. i think you are going to see some of the gains will be made
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quickly. >> with oakland seeing a surnl in violent crime, they are being paid a quarter million dollars to vee verse the -- to reverse the tide. his strategy also includes improving oakland's realtime crime tracking computer system. and he again endorsed the controversial police tactic known as stop and frisk. >> to be frank, there is ?ot a police department in america that will be affected without it. >> i expected him to practice constitutional policing. we do walking stops and it is what i expect officers to did. but it has to be based on reasonable suspicion. >> the defense attorney is hoping to oversee federal lehman dated reforms this the opd. >> hunches are not good though. not good enough. if that is not a problem i think his efforts at trying to reduce crime is an important, positive step. >> at oakland city hall they got a presentation from the firm and recalled another report from him.
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>> this is not the first time he has been to oakland. they did not pay any attention and they are trying to reinvent the wheel. jay on friday he returns to new york -- >> on friday he will return to new york. he will be back in oakland several times over the next three months making recommendations which the police department as the choice of whether to accept or not. in oakland, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you, john. facebook users are about to have a major change. the company is announcing a resign of its news feed feature. indications are the revamped feature will allow posts and music shared by others. >> ?ie a new york man faces jail time because his neighbors say he laughs too loud. his mother calls the laugh cute and infectious. neighbors disagree saying he
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directs it toward them. they called the police and police cited him for disturbing the peace. he says his that i bores are trying to bully -- his neighbors are trying to bully him and he responds in laughter. he could face fines and jail time. new at 11:00, a man whose wife is fighting cancer had one half court shot to win $20,000 to help pay the bills. how did he do? oh yes. he thaild it. he nailed it. the 37-year-old high school teacher is a basketball coach. but he never shot the ball in front of 18,000 people. his wife is being treated for uh appendix cancer. she has 10 more weeks of chemotherapy and the money will be used to pay for her treatment. >> talk about nailing it when it matters. let's get a check of the forecast. >> that's right, sandhya patel has your accu-weather forecast. >> ama and carolyn, some of you will need the umbrellas and i will show you who.
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live doppler d -- 7hd is picking up some moisture. but it will stay off the coastline for the time being. as we look from our roof camera and out toward the bay, you can see the beautiful bay lights on the bay bridge. temperatures falling in the 40s. it is 47 in san jose. as we look at a different perspective visibility is terrific. we can see looking back toward the west in san francisco, santa rosa 41 and napa is down to 38. livermore 43 degrees. you know it is going to get cooler as we head toward tomorrow morning. mainly dry overnight and spotty showers tomorrow. a warming trend gets under way this weekend with temperatures showing up in the 70s by this weekend. with this recent rainfall where do we stand? did it make any dents in our deficit? not really. 78% of thunderstorm in santa
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rosa. mountain view 75 and san jose is running behind at 68% of where you should be this time of year. we are just going to keep hoping for more storms. it doesn't look like any major storms anytime soon. but we will have to deal with this area of low pressure. it is going to drop south, and as it parallels the coast, we are going to see the moisture possibility getting closer to the bay area. so watch what happens. in the morning you are tine. you will see some clouds. we will start to see moisture in the south bay and the east bay. that will be the best chance of seeing some showers. into the evening hours the showers will try to work their way up and thought quite making it. friday afternoon we may see an afternoon shower or two and that's what the models are indicating. most of the activity will be through here on thursday which is tomorrow. the spotty showers will amount to a 10th to a quarter inch where it does rain and obviously we are not expecting much. tomorrow morning mid30s to mid40s.
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you will want to bundle up as you head out the door. we will see cooler weather and you will want to grab your umbrella for the afternoon especially if you are working or traveling to the south or east bay. tomorrow afternoon those are the best possibilities of seeing showers. temperatures in the 50s for tomorrow. and then we will start to see some changes as we hit the weekend. friday partly cloudy and a little milder. over the weekend we are seeing 70s showing up by sunday. upper 50s coast side. mid70s on monday and tuesday. the warmest inland valleys on wednesday. don't forget sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. daylight saving time begins. set your clock forward one hour before you go to bed. abc7 news has a great weather resource for you. you have heard of live doppler 7hd, if you haven't you will need to follow it for the latest weather conditions. whether it is sun thee -- sunny or rainy, get the spare the air alerts and power outages and weather tweets from your favorite weather
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team. >> thank you, sandhya. now to college hoops. >> and mike shumann is doing sports. >> a big game and cal is hosting stanford. anytime these two get together, anything can happen. and it did. we have a little bit of we have a little bit of everyt [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. their final 21 games at home which should put them in a good spot for the specked time in 19 -- for the second time in 19 years. hosting sacramento, back in the lineup and sporting a little fu man chu. they hit five three's and klay thompson with two of them. warriors up seven. they go cold in the second and scoring 13 points. the floater and up 3 at the half. golden state got their act together in the third. thompson to david leigh and back to thompson and then another three. he had 20. warriors by five. warriors down one. time winding down. thompson open in the corner.
12:26 am
the three and got it. despite 18 turnoversovers and shooting 36%. the warriors go on to win it 87-83 the final. big game and stanford visiting cal on senior night. the cardinal beat the bears and they are looking for their eighth straight win. 10 in the first half and 20 on the night second half. stanford and watch this passing. powell to brown and he lays it off the glass. then tempers flare with five minutes to go. powell elbows crab to the ground. crab upset and i would be too. pushes back and a little shoving match ensues. a couple of pufns thrown. punches thrown. three coaches left the bench and when it was all said and done stanford upsets cal 83-70 and sweeping cal. it was the first sim since
12:27 am
2008. -- the first time since 2008. sharks and calgary looking for a second win, but the flames strike first in the period sends the rebound and it is 1-0. sharks force a turnover. he sends it home and thorton's fifth goal. flames ahead 3-1 and they will add an empty netter late. and that's all, folks. calgary torches the sharks 4-1 that final. well, the 49ers released david akers with the team. he set nfl records with 44 field goals and 52 attempts for 166 points. he kicked a 63-ready yeaher to start the year -- 63 yarder to start the year. he made only 29 of 42 attempts though the rest of the year. his released frees up $3 million in cap space.
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gilroy's own robert guererro has the fight of his life coming up on may 4th in las vegas. he is facing floyd mayweather for the title. he won six title belts and four divisions. today while doing promotional work for show time it got heated. >> i don't know who you beat or who you lost to. >> you are wasting time. >> i don't know who you beat or who you lost to. >> nothing at all he said got me. if i am heated i am swinging. >> toe to toe. >> toe to toe. robert not backing down. it will be a great fight. of course that comes on may 4th in las vegas. th abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. this will be robert's biggest pay day. he is guaranteed close to $3 million. >> who is your pick in that one? >> after seeing that, i like robert guererro. he has come up from a feather
12:29 am
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